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The main goal of JP Project is to be a Management Ecosystem for IdentityServer4 and ASP.NET Identity.

Helping Startup’s and Organization to Speed Up Microservices Environment. Providing tools for an OAuth2 Server and User Management.

Built with IdentityServer4. An OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 framework for ASP.NET Core.

Features of SSO:

  • Register users
  • Recover password flow
  • MFA
  • Federation Gateway (Login by Google, Facebook.. etc)
  • Argon2 password hashing
  • CSP Headers
  • Event monitoring (For compliance scenarios)

Admin UI is an administrative panel where it’s possible to manage the OAuth2 Server, Users and Roles.

From OAuth2 panel it’s possible to manage:

  • Clients
  • Identity Resources
  • Api Resources
  • Persisted Grants

From Identity panel it’s possible to manage Users and Roles

It’s open source and free. From community to community.


Admin UI

Login page


Demo online

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